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Author Joan L Sample was born in Memphis Tennessee and grew up in New York City. Though her writing Joan has found her talent and passion in life, her first novel  Life Will It Take Me Under!  Is a must read. It contains a powerful message and is very inspiring. The novel reaches out to age groups from young to mature... The book takes you into the world of the characters and you won't want to put it down!

Joan got the idea for her novel from a HBO special of kids living on the street. The special touched her and Life, will it take me under  was born. Life, will it take me under is intended as a novel of survival. The author wishes to convey to her readers that as long as there is existence there is hope, never give up no matter the circumstances. Joan wishes to express to the young adult genre that you are stronger than life’s twists, turns and setbacks!

Joan’s second novel Malevolence Thy Name Is Karen which she co-wrote with her son Roy M. Vasquez is of a completely different genre then Joan's first novel. Malevolence Thy Name Is Karen is a horror/thriller which shows the versatile talent of this writer.

  Joan is working on her third  novel Titled; Beyond The Grave,  a mystery thriller. Joan is also working on a novella--  Forgotten Ones—the Saga of America’s unwanted and abused animals!!  A story that depicts the plight of  shelter animals in the United States.

Forgotten Ones—the Saga of America’s unwanted and abused animals is  a touching novel, told from the animals point of view. How can that be done you may ask? Just look into the eyes of these poor souls and  you can see  their stories waiting to be told!  It is Joan's hope that this novel will increase animal adoptions.