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Joan L Sample was born in Memphis Tennessee and grew up in New York City. Joan was always meant to be a writer as she lives more in her creative mind than in reality. Joan began writing as a teenager to reduce stress.  She would sit for hours on end writing poems and short stories which she would share with friends. Eventually Joan put down her pen, picking it up again years later to write her first novel ‘Life Will It Take Me under! ' This novel is a must read. It contains a powerful message and is very inspiring. Joan got the idea for her novel from an HBO special of kids living on the street. The special touched her deeply.  Inspired, she sat down and put her pen to paper. 'Life, Will It Take Me Under', is intended as a novel of survival for those that fall into life’s abyss.

Joan’s second novel ‘Malevolence Thy Name Is Karen’, which she co-wrote with her son Roy M. Vasquez is of a completely different genre, then Joan's first novel ‘Malevolence Thy Name is Karen’, is a story of a demonic spirit which kills the souls of newborn moments before its birth and replaces it with its own murderous soul. The soul stealer is born to the unsuspecting parents in place of its innocent newborn. Its purpose is to bring devastation to the world. If the soul stealer devotes its life to bloodshed, it will be granted another when its current life is over.

Joan is currently writing her fourth and fifth novels, titled: 'Beyond the Grave' a mystery thriller that’s sure to unnerve your spirit and ‘Broken’ is a novel of short urban stories that address potent issues faced today.’ Beyond the Grave.  With her novel 'Broken to follow.

Joan has also written the first in a series of mystery/thriller short stories featuring the Ebola Virus, where Ebola becomes a thinking  calculating organism, unleashed  upon  humanity  to punish us for our sins. The second in this series: Ebola returns in 2020 will be finished this year a fitting addition to unnerving events of 2020!

Joan has completed a novella titled: ‘Forgotten, the Saga of the World’s Abused and Unwanted animals!’ A subject that’s dear to her heart!  This heartbreaking story depicts the plight of abused and homeless animals. This poignant novel is told from the animal’s point of view. How can that be done, you may ask? Just look into the eyes of these poor souls and you can see their stories waiting to be told!  Joan has two adopted shelter dogs and a rescued kitten found abandoned at only a few weeks old. Joan knew that if she turned the kitten into local animal care and control it's a good chance it would be killed. So, she's now a part of her rescued family.

It’s Joan's hope that this novella will increase animal adoptions and reduce the killing of an estimated four million homeless animals yearly!   Joan further hopes that the proceeds of this book will allow her to frequently donate to animal rescues and animals in need of help! Joan is an advocate for a no kill nation, where no adoptable animal must die for lack of a humane and forever home.

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