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Fantastic Book Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2014 This book had me from the start. When I read the first sentence and realized the location was Brooklyn and Gates Avenue of all places, I knew I was in for a good read because I know Brooklyn and I know Gates Ave. This is the story of Kim, a good girl that turns bad. The story is clearly written and moves at a gentle pace as we watch the effects of the wrong influences enter into an angelic household. The story is told from the narrative of the little sister Jade. You can feel the love as she guides us through the life of her sister. The story handles well the effects of negative people entering into the lives of positive people. In many cases as with Kim, the negative influences effect the entire household of the person involved. The characters are well developed. We get to understand their thoughts, feelings and motives. There are twists and turns throughout the book. Many of them based on the decisions that Kim makes in her life. This book is a good gift for any young woman that lives in one of the urban cities. I recommend it highly. It is a warning and a tale of caution. Both parents and young adults can get something from reading this book.

Hung Thai

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5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't put this book down. Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2013 I found this book while browsing in the lender library and what a find it was! The story circles around Jade, her sister Kim and Kim's friend Myra. Kim is a shy girl without a lot of friends. That all changes when Jade's family rent out a room to another family. Kim meets Myra, a daughter of the new tenant. Myra is the complete opposite of Kim. With Myra's influence, Kim opens up but for all the wrong reasons. Their friendship would take Kim to dangerous extremes. Kim is then exposed to a world of drugs, prostitution, and violence. The book is an easy read and I didn't stop until I finished it. I really liked the appendix in which the author attempted to educate people about HIV.

P. Morris 5.0 out of 5 stars 

MUST READ Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2013 I am an avid reader. I read this book when it was first published and I couldn't put it down. Surprises and excitement throughout the book. I loved the story line. Shows how a person can easily be influenced by others. Ms. Sample is a great writer and I am anxious to read her next novel. I am tempted to buy the kindle edition and read it all over again. LIFE IF YOU LET IT, CAN TAKE YOU UNDER. This books shows you what can happen if you let it.

Dominique Watson 4.0 out of 5 stars 

Very Moving!!! Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2010 This was a good book! Joan Sample gives a book that touches the lives of many. It is reality. Some things we don't see upfront. The story goes through the life of a woman who is overcome by the things of the world. She is heavily influenced by friends and others and her life turns upside down. Joan brings a heartfelt story. This book is a must read for young girls; a wake up call for our generation and the generations to come. Great read!

Anna Calderone

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing

Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2014

Read and Reviewed by Snow White

This book gives you an inside look to what happens when you get in with the wrong group of friends. Sadly this happens to many people. I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to people as it was a great read and makes you think about that life style. 5 stars all the way A+

Deborah Hamilton

5.0 out of 5 stars 

A Great Piece Of Writing. Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2016 I was captivated from page one to the end. A must read for any teenager especially females who are struggling with their identify. The message in this book is both powerful and relevant to this generation. I wish if this book can reach all teenagers worldwide. I value the author for a well written piece of work. I just hope that you too can get this book and be inspired.