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Life Will It Take Me Under!


When we are young, we dream of what we will grow up to be. Some dream of becoming lawyers. Some dream of becoming doctors. Others want to grow up to be businessmen and women. Then we experience the realities of life, with all its mountains to climb, all its setbacks and letdowns; then we wonder, “Life, will it take me under!

The story I am about to tell you,  is about the bravest person that I know: my sister Kim. It began a few years ago in the summer of 1995 when I was thirteen, Kim was sixteen, and my brother Micah was seven. I often wonder what is in the mind of a person who comes back from the brink of hell. How does one begin to live again after they experience a spiritual death? How can a person find self-respect after selling the most precious thing that they own?

  You see, selling your body includes selling your mind... becoming  a prisoner to everything that you hate. How does a person start each day by crying because you are still alive, waking up a slave to a substance that you hate but must have? You hate yourself for not being strong enough to either end your detestable existence or strong enough to kick your habit.

I can't imagine what it is like to see people suffering daily only to wind up ending their sad, pathetic lives and you considering them the lucky ones. Imagine doing anything for an addiction and being violated in ways one can never visualize.

How do you let any man or woman have something for a price... that which is priceless? This is what my sister went through for a year and a half of her life.  Kim is an example of the undefeatable human spirit. She is an example of never giving up on the promise of life assured. A life that is promised to us as our birthright, here's her story.

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